Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Happy Fourth Birthday, Henrik

* Your birthday was May 2nd, I'm just now getting to posting it. Please forgive me, son. 

Dear Henrik, 
Today is your fourth birthday. I actually cannot believe that four years ago today, you made me a mother. I wanted nothing more in life than that, and, on a cold, snowy day in North Dakota, that wish came true. In the first seconds of your life we knew you were sensible, we knew you were patient, we knew you were going to be an easy baby. We didn't know that you'd carry those traits with you these past four years.
May 2, 2010
To this day, you are cautious but curious, inquisitive but reserved, sensible but sneaky, talented but humble, smart but modest, and polite but sassy. You absolutely amaze me every day, from your reasonable requests to smart-ass comments, to the sheer talent you have in every thing you do, to the sweet, heart melting secrets and always strong, genuine hugs.

September 2013
You son, can do anything you want to do in life. You were riding a two-wheel (without training wheels) bike at three and a half, you can run faster than any kid in your class and do hurdles over the dog to out run your brother as he chases you throughout the house, you are starting to read and write, you picked up your swimming strokes in a matter of weeks, you actually mountain bike on real mountains, your knowledge and understanding of things, animals and the world make my jaw drop, and yet, you insist that things are too hard for you or too much work. It's all in your head, kid. Trust me. You can do anything you put your mind to, you just have to believe it.

March 2014

If I could have one wish for you this year it would be that your confidence grew. You are timid and shy, claim to be scared and afraid of trying new things. But you can do whatever it is you want to do. You've already proven to yourself that you can. You know how? You love extreme sports, even if it happens in my living room! You are up for skiing, snowboarding, dirt bike racing and anything else dangerous that a mother doesn't really want her newly four year old to do. But, you, with your level head and thought out plan, excel at all of these tasks. You just have to believe it.


Henrik, you are a lot like your father, you think things through, you have a brain like an engineer, you love cars and how things work, you are patient and reasonable, and when you grin I see daddy's boyish charm in you. But I also see a lot of myself: you are starting to muster up a more leadership role. You are starting to boss around your brother, you are starting to initiate games with other kids, and you are starting to come out of your shell. You are a dreamer, a creator, and a builder. When you care about something, you do it with your whole heart. You are cunning and know that a smile will get you a long way, even if it's chocolate after you are supposed to be in bed. And you genuinely love with all of your heart and are welcoming to all you meet. I think that because of those qualities I tend to push you harder and hold you to a higher standard, because I know you have so much to offer others, yourself and the world.

August 2013
And the thing I love most about you is how wonderful of a brother you are. You will do anything to protect him. You will do anything, and take pride in the fact that you can help him, and while somedays you try to parent him, you actually care about his well being, even when he's being a Thorndao. Seeing the bond you two have is something that a mother cannot explain with words. Someday, I hope you get to experience the pride I have when you watch your own sons together.

February 2014
Henrik, you are a great kid. I know, it's a weak sentence, but you are. You are a joy to parent, you are a joy to have in our lives and you bring joy to so many. I love you more than words can express and I cannot wait to see the boy you grow into in the next year.

Happy Birthday, bud. I love you.

Oh, and Henrik, whenever you want to cuddle or be rocked to sleep, know that I am always there. Even if you don't fit in my lap anymore. Those moments are some that I will cherish forever.

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