Monday, January 20, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday, Theodor

Dear Theodor,
Today is your birthday. When you're 18, you'll get a copy of all of your birthday letters, but for now, I write this to your two year old self. It probably won't mean much to you when you are 18, but it means a lot to me to write and remember all of your years.

2.5 months
When I say "Happy Birthday" to you this year, I say it in disbelief. I cannot believe, even for a second, that you have been a part of this family for two years already. It feels like you have been a part of it since I met Daddio.

 On the other hand, this has been the longest year of your life, at least on my end of things. You started your terrible twos at about 15 months and you've been going strong since. Not that you always throw tantrums, but that you are always doing things by yourself, challenging every word I say, and taking your own path in this great big world.

June 2013
You are an explorer, you're up to any task, you are determined, you're brave and strong (unless we are standing next to a giraffe, ironically, your favorite animal). You are physical and dominate. You're hardly ever quiet, but I mean that in the nicest way. Your smile is larger than life, your laughter is joyfully overwhelming, and your squeals and sounds make a room stop and think about the wonderful, little things in life.

June 2013
You can be the most gentile and caring person in the world, you give better hugs and snuggles than anyone, and your perfectly timed but unexpected "I love yous" make my heart skip a beat. 

You can also be the biggest little bugger around. You'll destroy your brother's "work" or toys in a second, you think it's funny when you demolish train tracks, and you throw just about anything, oh, and you make messes just to make a mess. But we're working on channeling those things in a more productive way: your golf swing and slap shot are more impressive than Daddy's and he played college hockey! You have a natural physical athletic ability and you show that in just about everything you do.

May 2013
I have to say, while you and I butt heads in just about every aspect of life, and I fully expect this to be true for many years to come, you bring so much joy and happiness to my heart. I understand you. I see that you're like me because you are passionate about everything that gets into your heart. I see that you're like your Dad because you are determined, and  have goals and dreams that I can see through those big, beautiful, blue eyes. I know you will do wonderful things with your life. And I know that if YOU decided you want to do something, you WILL be the best at it.
September 2012
If I could have one wish for you in your second year, it would be that you learn how to control your emotions. I know, you're two. You're supposed to explore those now, but it would make my life a lot less referee like and more relaxing if you could control those a bit better.

 I feel like you and I have the relationship like the mother and son in  Love You Forever: you have thrown everything in the toilet, you terrorize the house and the dog, you destroy just about everything in (and out of) your path, and you even make me want to send you to school! But at nightime, when you get sleepy, as I sit in the rocking chair during bedtime waiting for you to drift off to sleep, you climb into my arms, place your head on my chest, raise your soft, chubby hands to my cheeks and caress them back and forth while I rock you. 

It's the most wonderful feeling in the world for me. It's moments like that, that make the "crazy" of the day worth it. To know that, in the end, you are sweet, calm, loving and, well, down right peaceful, makes me think that you and I can get through anything. And to know that I created it/you, is just...magical. 
November 2013
I fully expect you to read that line and want to vomit, but when you have your own two year old, and you sit with them at night, you'll understand exactly why my heart is so full of emotion and love. 

Despite our disagreements, our fights and even our yelling matches that we've had, I wouldn't change you in any way. I am proud to have a son that takes charge of his life, a son that defies the odds and takes on challenges.

October 2013
Theo, you are my baby, and it's going to be hard to let that go, especially in this year of your life as you stretch and push me away so you can be "bigger".  But, I promise, I'll try. I'll try, really hard, to let you do things your way and let you make your own choices. 

I'll try to stop calling you "baby" because, you really aren't. You do anything a five year old does (and most of the time, better than them)! You are no baby, and you never wanted to be one: you started to sit at three months, you started crawling at six, walking at 10 months, and running a week later. You started climbing and dressing yourself, getting yourself snacks or drinks at 14 months and you never looked back, actually you did, with a devious but charming smile. 

March 2013
 You are wearing your brother's clothes, you are only two pounds different than him, and you're just inches away from being the biggest kid in our regular play group, and you JUST TURNED TWO! You are no longer the "toddler" or the "baby" you are a kid. A full blown kid who has been riding a bike for at least four months, a kid who literally climbs mountains, and a kid who can take a shower by himself, wash his hands and use the toilet.

And honestly, as much as I want to hold on to those baby years, the truth is, I cannot wait to see what you become, (though I am worrying already about your college years) because I know you are going to excel at everything you do. You have already shown us that.

Happy Birthday, my Teddy Bear.


When you were born, we told your brother that we were going to take pictures of you for your newborn photos. It was Henrik's idea to put you in his dump truck. On the eve of your 1st birthday, I happened to take the second picture. And now, because I can, I took this third picture of you and your brother on the eve of your second birthday. I cannot believe how much can happen in a year. 

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