Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Henrik 5/2/10
A few days days before Mother's Day, at dinner, Henrik announced "Mom's the favorite mom in the world". Theodor then said, "wanna kiss you" and wouldn't take no for an answer. I was proud. I was happy. I know my boys are young and I'm usually the one who makes the cute holiday cards with hand and foot prints, but I wasn't going to do that myself for Mother's Day. So when my boys gave me a surprise compliment, I was thrilled and took that as my gift. 

Later that night, my mom pulled Hank into her bedroom and showed him what he was going to get me for Mother's Day. He came back into the kitchen a few minutes later and we had this cute little exchange:

H: Hey Mom?
A: Yeah, Buddy?
H: We shouldn't tell you you have a necklace on Sunday.
A: OK, don't tell me.
H: I won't.

Theodor 1/21/12
We have been struggling for months to get this kid to do his business on the potty but without a lot of hope, I kind of gave up on #2. But, the day before Mother's Day Henrik surprised me with poop on the potty! I couldn't believe it, I asked him if he had to poop on the potty, he said yes, and we went to the bathroom. I didn't expect it, but we came out of that bathroom celebrating! And who guessed that this was the best Mother's Day gift?! Well, to me, it was better than the impromptu compliments or I love yous. It was like he actually made an effort to do something that would make me happy! I know this because when I praised him for using the potty, I told him how proud I was, and that he was a big boy. And he asked me, "Are you happy?" I of course told him I was and asked if he was happy too. He said he was and gave me a little smile. It was such a proud mommy moment. I couldn't have asked for more.

On Mother's Day I woke up at my parent's house and my Step-Dad said, "Happy Mother's Day" and gave me a hug. I said thank you and went over to the couch. Hank watched us and then exclaimed, "MOM! It's your day!" I said, Yes, it is!" There was a pause and then Steve nudged Hanky. "Henrik, is there something you wanted to say to your mom?" Henrik looked at me, cocked his head, smiled and then said, "You're welcome". 

I just laughed. Yes, without him I wouldn't have ever become a mother. I wouldn't have sat on bedrest for 13 weeks while we tried to keep him cooking. I wouldn't have been in labor, yelling at my husband who opened a granola bar when the doctor announced that it was time to push. Without Theodor I wouldn't have been walking around 10 days past my due date trying to knock the baby loose, or suffered horrible back labor because he was sunny-side up. I wouldn't have had the joy of delivering a baby naturally and I wouldn't have been able to sit back and watch them learn, discover and enjoy life.

With My Boys

I think it's pretty clear that being a mom is no easy task. The hours are long, there is no pay, but the rewards are miraculous. I think you can never really appreciate the work your mom does until you become one and experience the sleepless nights, the tears, the joys and the successes of your children. I am proud to be a mom, I'm proud and honored to have two wonderful mothers who have helped me become an amazing mother to my children. 

With My Step-Mother, Anna

With My Mother, Deb
I hope you all took some time today to say Thank you to your mom for all of their hard work throughout the years, and maybe give them a little "you're welcome" after all, they wouldn't have become a mom without you. 

Happy Mother's Day

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