Monday, March 18, 2013

Oh, Great... Another Blogger

Yes, I’m following the trend of having a blog. Why? Do I have fashion tips? Amazing crafts for kids? Can I make you a better photographer? Do I have travel advice? No. None of those things. I’m here because I wanted to honestly portray my life. I used to have a blog before the .me accounts ended and it mostly was an update for our family so they could stay in touch with us as we lived in California and North Dakota. Is this blog still that? Kind of.  I wanted a place where I could share my life. No, you’re not going to get intimate details of my relationship with my husband, but you’ll get honesty about a military/newish marriage. You’ll get some of my daily life adventures and updates from my family, and you’ll probably hear some funny things that my kids say or do. 

It's very likely that you'll hear some frustrations I have as a mother and a wife, but it's not a place to complain. It's a place where I share, you listen, you share, we all listen. I've been thinking a lot about mortality, probably because my mother has breast cancer, and while she's got great odds, I just have been thinking about my mom and myself as a mother. I don't have a lot to offer in terms of crafts and gifts, I do make an amazing halloween costume and I'll pass on a trillion pictures, but I want my boys to know who they are and where they came from. I want them to know that their parents had a really rough patch when we found out we were moving to North Dakota. I want them to know that their parents hated one another for a few months during and after the flood. I want them to know that their parents do love one another an have fought hard to keep our marriage successful. I want them to know that they make me want to have a glass of wine and about eight bars of chocolate every night. And I want them to know that my heart melts when they give me hugs, it skips a beat when they fall and I'm more excited than they are when the accomplish even the smallest task. Sure, I could hand write a diary, but I'd prefer to type. I could keep this private, but why? Aren't we all creatures of the social network anyway? I'm pretty sure I'll dread the day I see my sons' Facebook accounts, and I know they'll never friend me because I have WAY too many photos of them on mine. 

But more importantly, I want this to be a place where we can all talk and learn about one another. We all have struggles as a parent. We all have pains in our relationships, why not talk about them? To me, honestly and open minded conversations are the only way we can really deal with something. When I miscarried a baby two Easters ago, I didn't know what to do. I had all of these emotions and feelings, but I didn't know how to approach it with my friends who didn't have children. I didn't know how to say to my mother that I felt like a failure and I sure as heck didn't know what to say to my dad, but I wanted a hug. So, I wrote a "Note" on Facebook and published it thinking that if people wanted to know why I had slipped off the face of the earth for a minute then they would know. You wouldn't believe the responses. "Likes", private messages, and comments from so many people made me realize that I wasn't alone.

That's why I want to share this with all of you. There really is no point to this blog. I'm going to write about me and my family. I'm going to tell you my life. We all have kids, we all know the sleepless nights, the tantrums at the store and the giggles in the bathtub but here's my side of the story.

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